Sunday, April 19, 2015

I was talking to Cheryl (my oldest daughter) and she thought I should blog about the massive building project occurring across the street.  I was telling her about all of the MASSIVE Tonka trucks, lifts, diggers etc.  She was laughing as I was telling her about my simple observations. Cheryl's husband is a construction engineer and she has been on some of his construction sites. She said I was now Bob The Builder and she could picture in her mind all of my Tonka Toys as I described them. So I will sit in my chair, under the shade tree and write down all of the funny (to me) things I see.


  1. The earth-shaking construction doesn't reach my house yet. No tremors. I may have to come closer to experience the joy.

  2. Structural engineer, Daddy, but, otherwise spot on. :-)