Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The tortoises are gone so now they fill in the hole.  Plus the ground is uneven.  Behind CVS there was a depression with tree and underbrush so the big backhoe cleared it out. It was so deep that you could not see one of their pickup trucks that went into the depression to inspect it.  Then came the Giant yellow dump trucks and poured dirt everywhere.  They scraped it level and dumped more dirt in it. At the same time, they created a couple of mountains of sand by the tortoise end. Once everything was smooth they laid the foundation for Publix and then giant frontend loaders arrived and flatbed after flatbed with cinder blocks.. That will be another episode.

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  1. You DO know that blogger will let you post those photos you put on Facebook HERE on your blog, right? Give it a shot - you're gonna love it!

    I'm loving that you're posting daily, Daddy. Please do what you can to keep it up! :)