Monday, April 20, 2015

Let me tell you about the first crazy thing that brought back to mind all of the other interesting things. First they did all the prep work. Which, in this case, was to dig up all of the land tortoises  I did not know that land tortoises were endangered and they burrowed about 25 feet underground.  There were large backhoes, the kind with the curved bucket, scooping out the turtles.  I have no idea how they knew exactly where they were and how deep and wide to keep from harming the tortoises.  They dug up a least 50 and took them someplace.

Next installment is the giant Tonka dump trucks and I mean huge. 


  1. kewl! "big ol' bunny foo-foo, drivin' thru the meadow, scoopin' up the turtles, and puttin' 'em somewhere else!"